Writing & Editing
 Technical Writing
  Writing is not a popular activity for most technical people!
  So asking Diafade to write for them allows them to get on with other things they're more comfortable doing.
  We write copy for brochures, news for newsletters, user's manuals for software users, book abstracts for booklists, descriptions for product catalogues, technical details for technical press releases, voiceover scripts for AV...
  And, because we're not so close to your hardware or software, it may be easier for us to write about your products or services from an end user's point of view than it is for you.
 Text Editing
  Editing and combining existing texts can often be the most cost- effective route to a final document.
  You may have some text that's already in use in another medium -- the language of the web is more relaxed than that of a brochure, for example.
  Or you might have a number of items written by different people in your organisation, which need to be presented in a common style.
  You might need to create a series of press releases based on notes from colleagues in another country.
  Or perhaps it's simply a case of sharpening up some tired English and taking a fresh look in the light of changes.
    Whatever the reason, it won't take us long to come to terms with the subject matter and create the right words for your intended readers.
  We can take texts written in any European language and turn them into English articles with a consistent writing style.
+ Document Design
+ AV Scriptwriting
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