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Diafade is a British company providing Technical Writing and Editing, Brochure and Document Design, Photography, Image Processing and Database Publishing services, for clients in the UK, and in Western Europe and North America.

We offer a one-stop package of services – in Europe and in the US – for the creation of verbal and visual information. Our aim is to present information clearly, attractively and concisely.

A technical background means that we often work with electronics, software and engineering companies; we speak your language! Now, increasingly, that technical discipline is applied in other areas too.

Diafade was founded nearly 30 years ago, in 1978, and is located in Hertfordshire, England...

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10 April 2006
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30 years! It seems like yesterday. Diafade was set up by John Sandell to design, produce and sell an innovative range of audio-visual equipment, and to make AV programmes for clients. Back then – before the PC and the widespread use of video – 'AV' meant slide/tape dissolve systems using multiple slide projectors. Remember them?

John was (and still is) a professional engineer and photographer, with a knack for writing technical copy that people can understand. Since those early times Diafade moved on to produce newsletters and brochures and websites for clients.

AV programme production needed the close integration of various disciplines: writing, photography, background music, editing, programming. Scriptwriting – in particular – had to simplify complex ideas, convey the message very clearly. Above all, be comfortable for the professional voice artiste.

And so it is today; all needing a mix of skills to be successful.

Diafade Limited  Buntingford  Hertfordshire  England

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