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Combining DTP or web design software with a database can simplify production of repetitive and data intensive publications. The database does the hard work of cross referencing and data analysis. It formats data with style tags for use in DTP software like Quark XPress and Adobe PageMaker, or can export optimized web-ready HTML files. Once the initial design work is done, repeat publication is easy. Weekly or even daily web updates are possible, and can save the cost and complexity of running an on-line database.

Diafade has broad experience in many application areas, and we can assess publishing requirements to see whether a custom database might help. Even a very simple system can save hours of data entry, and can eliminate errors through Active Data Validation.

We're happy to handle a whole project for you, or to provide processed data for your own print or web designers.

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Database Assisted Publishing
We prefer to use the term 'Database Assisted Publishing' (like 'CAD'). The more familiar 'Database Publishing' implies that the technique is relevant only for existing databases, whereas it can actually be used to simplify and increase accuracy in a wide range of other publishing and data entry tasks.

Please contact us for more information, or to discuss a specific requirement.
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