Database Design

'Helix Express' Relational Database Design

We develop and maintain databases on behalf of clients for publishing and other text processing and business applications. These days, most of them are used here in-house, either for clients' database publishing requirements, or for tasks such as analysing web statistics; in other words they provide background support for bigger projects.

The main software we use is Helix Express (created many years ago for the Apple Macintosh, but one day possibly available on PC -- a treat in store!). Clients using any computer platform can benefit from the fast Helix development environment (not the same as 'easy'!) and our intimate knowledge of its quirks and shortcuts. Nevertheless if your organisation is Mac-based we'll be delighted to discuss implementation of intuitive and easy-to-use solutions for you, for your tedious data handling problems.

Helix is a powerful relational database engine with impressively fast client-server capability, and (most important) a unique, icon-based design interface. It enables a simple database -- a 'collection', in Helix terminology -- to be created very quickly, yet that source can be developed into a complex and powerful application without disturbing the original data (our own business database is now well over 10 years old).

The ownership and development of Helix has had a somewhat chequered history, with rarely enough dollars being spent on actual software development. At the end of 1998 yet another chapter opened, and one group of enthusiastic programmers was replaced by another. Despite the problems, we remain committed to this incredibly useful software.

We manage the UK Helix User Group, a support organisation for people developing with Helix Express on the Macintosh, and can offer cost-effective 'hand-holding' technical support.

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 Database Publishing 
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