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  Stray Fire CD  
    Stray Fire, first EP from British band Blusher. Click here or on the CD to look inside the case.

Designing the artwork for a music or data CD is subtly different than 'conventional' design. There are several different elements and print options, plus the need to include some very specific text to do with copyright and production. Whether you're an indie band or a classical producer, Diafade can work with you to achieve the right design at a sensible price.

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We do appreciate that indie bands (in particular!) don't have any money. But already you're paying your production company for mastering and pressing, and maybe for printing as well, because you rightly want to show off your music at its best. So it makes sense to spend just a little more to get the design right as well, rather than a do- it- yourself job or not at all – record companies really will take notice.

There are a number of ways we can work together to minimise your design cost while still ending up with a professional design. And we can talk to the printer for you, in the language he understands. While we're about it, we'll make sure that all that copyright stuff appears in the right places as well.

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